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Next meeting:

May 2021, Vienna, Ethnocineca: Roundtable

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, ethnocineca is hosting a roundtable discussion with members of the CAFFE network (Coordinating Ethnographic Film Festivals in Europe). The roundtable will address questions about the mission of a public visual anthropology and the decolonisation of ethnographic film festivals, which serve as a platform for socio-cultural narratives and seek to tell stories not only from the perspective of the North, but also from the Global South. What are the legacies that need to be preserved and what changes need to be taken into account to promote a global perspective? Whose agency is respected and how can we work towards a globalised vision of the future? Five festival directors talk about these and other questions and critically discuss how ethnographic and documentary film festivals can foster and strengthen human connections and mutual understanding in a moment of drastic change in global socio-cultural interaction.


Last update: 09.05.2021