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Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival

«Mediating Camera»

Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival

International Festival of Visual Anthropology “Mediating Camera” runs every two years in Moscow. The Festival aims are to show the diversity and unity of peoples cultures of the World, audience meeting with the daily life of people in the most remote places of Earth, establishment of a dialogue with them trough the screen.
Festival’s title expresses its concept, basic objectives and principles of film selection. This is, above all, the ethical responsibility of a person with the camera infront of a culture being filmed and in front of the audience.
Festival main purposes and objectives>BR>

  • Demonstration of originality, singularity and historical conditionality of peoples’ lifestyle all over the world;
  • Formation of mutual understanding and respect between different cultures by means of science and cinema; <\LI>
  • Presentation and information support of authors and studios, creating films on visual anthropology;
  • Integration of Russian Visual Anthropology into the world’s humanitarian community.
    Date: biennial – even years in May
    Submission Deadline: February - even years
    Contact: Director: Evgeny Aleksandrov / Programmer director: Elena Danilko / address: 119991, Leninskie Gory, 1 GSP-1, Lomonosov Moscow State University

    E-Mail :[at]